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Our production technologies

FV - Plast production technologies are the result of our own research and development. We make sure that our products meet the most demanding requirements for modern living. Feel free to come and see how our systems are manufactured.

Our production is fully automated, and is constantly improved and developed based on the latest knowledge. This is also evidenced by the fact that we have invested almost half a billion crowns in the course of the last years.

How pipes are manufactured

Pipes are manufactured continuously using the method of extrusion. At the beginning, plastic is in the form of granulate, which is dosed into an extruder. In the extruder, the material is melted and homogenized. The melt thus formed then passes through the extrusion head, and then enters the calibration bath. Here the melt is quickly cooled, and the pipe dimensions are fixed.

After leaving the calibration bath, the pipes are cooled in other baths. The movement of the pipes is ensured by a device called puller. Then the pipes are cut and packaged in cartons or polyethylene containers. Our products are subject to strict quality control both during the process and before packaging. 

Storage and logistics

The easy availability of merchandise and perfect logistics is a matter of crucial importance for us. Each of our customers knows that they always receive their merchandise on time. Everything has been 100% well-thought-out, and thanks to our sophisticated logistics, this is does not pose a problem for us. Each box has a barcode that is precisely given to a specific purchaser we have entered in the system. This minimizes the error rate, and merchandise is delivered to our customers without delay. Our products can be found in specialist wholesaler stores throughout the Czech Republic and in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa where our products are exported.